colours of my summer – part #1

August 23, 2012  in inspiring places

croatian village by Sania Pell

Having had a wonderful couple of weeks away with my family, enjoying each others’ company and switching off, I’m back to share some of my Summer inspiration with you. I took lots of photos and thought I would post some over the next week or so, split into a series I have called colours of my summer. The village where my grandfather built our family’s holiday home over 40 years ago is a charming, small and low key fishing village and now holiday spot, where swimming, lunch, siesta, reading and visiting the ice cream parlour in the evening are how the hours are spent.

croatian village by Sania Pell

croatian village by Sania Pell

croatian wall by sania pell

croatian village by sania pell

There are plenty of modernised houses in the village, but it is the ones which wear their character on the outside that I was interested in documenting, capturing some of their charm and history. There are small pedestrian passages running between the old buildings, with skinny cats scurrying through and well-tended vines and olive trees in front of neglected or derelict houses. The cottages in the village are mainly built with stone, left natural or rendered and painted, with wooden shutters, terracotta tiled roofs and dry stone boundary walls.

croatian village by sania pell

Croatian Village by Sania Pell

Pale-leaved olive trees are everywhere, as are figs which we eat straight from the trees in our garden. Flowers and grasses spring up along paths giving little touches of colour amongst the walkways. Exotic insects, butterflies and bees buzzing around the oasis of nectar. Swallows swoop low and the heat is so intense that by 11 am all you want to do is swim or hide in the shade.

croatian field by sania pell

Croatia by Sania Pell

In this first post I have shown some of the buildings and flora to help set the scene and there will be more posts to follow.

I hope you have had a lovely summer too.


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  1. Caroline@trend-daily says:

    Looks heavenly Sania. Glad you had a wonderful time-how lovely to get some sun. We’re off to salcombe tomorrow
    -fingers crossed!!xx

  2. Stunning, Sania. Thanks for taking us along with you, and welcome home!

  3. Jane Means says:

    I love these earthy colours – you have a brilliant eye Sania

  4. Sue says:

    I love your photography and you have brought back lovely memories of my first holiday in Croatia. I went to Rovinj in May and it was beautiful. I have added the link to my post about Croatia as I too was captivated by the buildings and architecture (although my shots are fairly basic)
    I enjoy reading your blog and love your design ideas, My daughter has bought me both of your recent books and we are just in the process of making your wishing board for my daughters wedding.:)

  5. Audra says:

    Beautiful! I’ve never been to Croatia. I had no idea what it looked like. Thank you so much for sharing its beauty with us.

  6. Sue says:

    I love your photography I travelled to Rovinj earlier in the year and had a lovely holiday – the scenary and buildings were beautiful

  7. Sania Pell says:

    Thank you everyone.

    @Caroline Have a great holiday!

    @Franka, @Sue Rovinj looks lovely! I’ve been to Pula which is close to there. We are a bit further down the coast near Zadar, another old Medieval city steeped in history.

    Sania x

  8. Alison says:

    Wonderful buildings and colour inspiration. I can see many textures, surfaces and layers. Fabulous!

  9. How wonderful! Croatia is very trendy with all the greys and pastels 😉

  10. tina says:

    Welcome back lovely. What gorgeous images. Nice to hear you had a wonderful and relaxing time. Hope to see you next Saturday. xx

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