experimenting with flowers (part two)

July 31, 2012  in flowers, homemade

sania pell experimenting with flowers

This is a continuation of my floral photographic sketches that I posted about recently. I had a fun couple of hours a few weeks ago playing with my camera and documenting ideas. Sometimes an idea comes along that leads to another and needs to be snapped quickly and captured before it is forgotten.

sania pell experimenting with flowers

When I designed textile patterns for a design studio we would always use reference books and quite often real flowers to draw from and use as inspiration, but these were quite often open to interpretation. A drawn flower would be given a different, more appealing leaf to the stem, or would be painted flat to the page with more flower heads than would occur in nature. Some of my drawn flowers would have leaves made from patterns or other textures and they would evolve and become unique, designed interpretations of flowers rather than true-to-life, accurate floral studies.

sania pell experimenting with flowers

Freehand, machine-stitching is a technique I used in textile design many years ago and still use regularly. With a little practice it you can get great results and if you want to have a go at home a couple of the projects in my first book The Homemade Home explain it with step-by-step instructions.

sania pell experimenting with flowers

In the case of this photo experiment with flora from my garden, I picked apart several flowers and placed different heads, stems and leaves together. I also added fabric and lace leaves and real elements to my machine-stitched stems, creating my own hybrids and fantasy flowers.

sania pell experimenting with flowers

sania pell experimenting with flowers

sania pell frankenstein flower

I like to contrast real with illustrated, man made with natural in combinations that really shouldn’t exist together. The speed of capturing an idea on camera at home means that later I will be able to develop this further into something more, but for now these ideas have been documented and are reminders to myself, my own visual notes and a little play with nature.


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  1. manon says:




  2. Rona says:

    What a wonderful blog post Sania…and such unique ideas of creating unusual flowers.

    Love what you’ve called the last image! 🙂

    Rona x

  3. Love the stitchwork and flowers combined, so beautiful Sania!

  4. desiree says:

    I am not a flower girl but this looks beautiful..

  5. Sonia Rumzi says:

    Your blog has me captivated. I just love the intelligence and artistic flow of your work and the amazing lovely ideas you experiment. I hope you do not mind that I put your work on Pinterest. If you do please let me know and I will pull it down.

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