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July 25, 2011  in handmade goodness

I definitely have a love for sparkles, sequins and a bit of decorative adornement, it must be the magpie in me. A beautiful piece of jewellery can lift an outfit and make you feel special. They can also be displayed in a corner of your room when you are not wearing them and make it feel special too. I put my favourite brooches and necklaces on display in my bedroom so I can enjoy them when I’m not wearing them and they give me a glimpse of joy as I walk past them.

They have been collected over the years, some as gifts and others as treats to myself. They’re all precious to me but not in an obvious way. There is no gold or diamonds involved, the value comes from the fond memories of parties and places and friends and the makers that I bought them from originally, and the love and attention that went into their making in the first place.

The button flower brooch above is by Grainne Morton, a friend from my college days in Edinburgh, who specialises in making amazing, unique pieces from found objects. I bought it at Origin where Grainne had a stall as a gift to myself for completing The Homemade Home , so it has a special place in my heart and sits on my bedroom shelf. I love the sparkle , the pattern and the shape.

The  two lace necklaces above are by another of my friends, Emma Cassi who makes the most lovely jewellery from vintage lace, beads and sequins. Beautiful to wear, they add a delicate little shimmer in just the right way.

The  necklace below is by Aiko Machida and is an origami ball made of leather. I bought it from her at Origin several years ago (I’ve been going to the Origin craft show every year since I left college) and I always receive lovely comments every time I wear it.

You can always make your own jewellery too with a bit of creativity. The brooch above is one that I made as a project in my book The Homemade Home. It’s a simple collection of pieces of broken, vintage jewellery, buttons and ribbon threaded onto a kilt pin to create a quirky, unique brooch.

Jewellery with a handmade, feel can also be bought on the high street at reasonable prices too. These brooches are all from a favourite shop of mine – Hoss Intropia – but shops like Accessorize and Anthropologie have a good selection too. I added my own touch to the brooch above, a little fluro pink ribbon to the neutral brooch just brightens up an outfit with the right amout of embellishment. The black beaded branch was given as a gift by a dear friend and looks wonderful on a coat.

So whether handmade, homemade or high street, lovely jewellery can decorate your outfit or your bedroom and give you a lift whenever you see it.

Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery?

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  1. Heather says:

    wow, these are all so beautiful! I love their vintage feel. You’re right, a piece of handmade jewelry can make you feel very special! My handmade piececs I’ve acquired are always my favorites to put on.

  2. Megan says:

    I really love the beaded dragonfly brooch in the last photo. I agree that vintage jewellery is precious and so unique. It’s also a great idea to customise newer pieces to add something special. Thanks Sania.

  3. elisa says:

    the lace is brilliant! i’m cautious in that department. easily overwhelmed i’m afraid! but i’m starting to get into more jewellery. i do have a pin that my sweetheart gave me, a dog on wheels, made by tatty devine in honour of a belle & sebastian album, which i adore. it usually adorns a leather jacket i picked up in oslo, but i’ve got it on a handmade denim handbag right now. and i have a few rspb pins, a white hare in particular, that i just don’t know where to put so i carry it around with me. i need brooch lessons. its really beautiful. x

  4. elisa says:

    you can sort of, nearly see it here.
    the dog’s bone is suspended by a pair of tiny rings, so it wiggles and turns. people ask if it is mechanised. it is rather charming. you’re setting me along another dangerous path of collecting i see! x

  5. sara says:

    Your very knowledgeable, and your article was very perceptive, I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. I just love jewelry.

  6. Jamila says:

    I just wanted to say this article was very discerning, It shows that you know what you’re talking about.

  7. i Love handmade jewellery!I like this concept. I visited your blog for the first time and just been your fan. Keep posting as I am gonna come to read it everyday.

  8. psdaima says:

    Cute and quirky, I love it 🙂

  9. Diana Coe says:

    I found your blog by accident, but really like it.
    The idea of having all my jewellery on display is nice AND bit daunting – I hate dusting 😉
    The origami inspired pendant will be rolling around in my head for a while, I just love geometric shapes.

  10. Liz Ellsworth says:

    Those lace necklaces are just gorgeous. I’ve made some of my own before, but they never turned out that good! I’ll have to use the origami-inspired jewelry as a tip, because that’s a super creative idea!

    Liz Ellsworth |

  11. John says:

    Thank you for this excellent read. Handmade jewelry is a true treasure and heirloom piece that ends up having meaning for the recipient, buyer and artisan. I am a big fan of handmade jewelry and I would love to try something creative like this with my jewelry piece. I really like the origami inspiration idea. Keep posting such blogs 🙂

  12. Edward Stevens says:

    Those lace necklaces are just gorgeous. I’ve made some of my own before, but they never turned out that good! I’ll have to use the origami-inspired jewelry as a tip, because that’s a super creative idea! –

  13. Mirianna says:

    Hi Sania, the lace necklaces are amazing 🙂

  14. rubykornman says:

    amazing, these are all so delightful! I cherish their vintage feel. You’re correct, a few high-quality jewellery can make you feel exceptionally extraordinary!

  15. Deeksha says:

    Loved all the jewelry designs. Definitely going to pick one to have in my wardrobe box.

  16. jewelpin says:

    All the designs are so classy and beautiful! And I feel like handmade jewelry pieces are best for gifting.


    Informative submit! This is a fantastic thank you

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