make your gift wrap a gift in itself

July 29, 2011  in diy craft projects, homemade

creative gift wrap

This is a lovely way of wrapping up gifts which involves using very simple and accessible brown paper with string and ribbon. These are actually copies of my book that were sent as gifts when it was first published and I took time to personalise each one.

Add bits and bobs you have around the house to these staple ingredients and the result is unique. The wrapping turns a potentially simple gift-wrap into a very special one and once unwrapped, the tags and pictures can be kept by the recipient.

To begin, I wrap the parcel up as neatly as I can using double-sided tape to stick down the flaps either end and in the centre. I then tie the string, ribbon or sequins around the package and add the rest piece by piece.

embellish your gift wrap

The keys were left over from another project, where I had sprayed them with an off white matt-finish paint. These are old keys but they’re not vintage or antiques, just cheap everyday keys. A lick of paint makes all the difference.

The postage stamps were from a big bag of stamps I bought at a flea market and are always great to add interest to projects. I always keep little off-cuts of ribbon too, which are perfect for tying tags or little bows and knots with but add a splash of colour and interest. The sequins add some glamour and are a contrast to the utilitarian brown paper.

personalise your gift wrap

I embroidered the flowers on water colour paper with a sewing machine using the embroidery foot and stitched them freehand without a pattern. If you’re not confident with that you could pencil draw or trace a flower onto paper and follow it with the sewing machine. If you want to learn this technique there is an illustrated step-by-step project using it called ‘Stitched Portraits’ on page 110 of The Homemade Home.

Adding tags to write your gift message, writing a poem or scribbling some words makes it personal and fun!

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  1. Lulù says:

    Lovely. I’ve never tried sewing watercolor paper (I think it’s the most beautiful paper), must try.

  2. Lovely ideas! Always looking for new ways to wrap so thanks for this!

  3. Marcie says:

    This is so simple..and so inspiring. Some wonderful and creative tips here!

  4. Heather says:

    These are so lovely! I love using brown paper to package up my art when I’m mailing it out. It has such a simple, timeless look. Thanks for these ideas! I never thought of the sequin string, but I like it!~

  5. So-Laura says:

    Really really lovely! thanks for such a lovely idea xxx

  6. Sania Pell says:

    Thank you everyone, glad you like the ideas!

  7. Natalia says:

    I love the sophisticated simplicity. It’s amazing how you can use so many simple accessories to create an interesting wrap.

  8. […] is more my cup of tea: lots of vintage embellishments. Check out Sania Pell’s site HEREfor lots of this sort of thing. The DIY mother of us all: Martha […]

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