halloween how-to: pumpkin party mask

October 16, 2013  in diy craft projects

Halloween pumpkin mask project by Sania Pell - Photo by Julia Bostock

With Halloween only two weeks away, the Marie-Chantal team asked me to write this little project for their blog on how to make one of the props I created for their autumn/winter photo shoot. The photos are by Julia Bostock.

This friendly pumpkin mask is the perfect Halloween accessory that can be used again year after year. It is easy to make and can be used as a costume mask, a shadow puppet or simply as a decoration for a Halloween party. They are especially good for children who don’t enjoy having their face painted.

Materials required:

A4 size card about 1mm thick (around 400gsm) – it needs to be stiff, but if the card is too thick it can be difficult to cut through.

Cutting mat or board

Scalpel or craft knife


Dowling rod

Gaffer/Elephant tape

Emulsion paint

Flat paintbrush

Download the template PDF

Step 1: Print out the template at A4 size and trace the shape of the pumpkin onto the back of the card in pencil.

Step 2: Using a sharp scalpel or craft knife, cut out the shape of the pumpkin, the eyes, nose and mouth.

Step 3: Paint both sides of the card and leave to dry. I painted them dark grey as shadow puppets for the shoot, but you could paint them the traditional orange or whatever colour you like. It may require 2-3 coats each side. Leave them plain or let your children decorate them further if they wish.

Step 4: Attach dowling rod to the back of the pumpkin with gaffer tape or wide masking tape as a handle. Ensure the rod is long enough to hold comfortably with the mask in front of your or your child’s face. If you want it double-sided, cut out and paint a second pumpkin and glue or double-sided tape it to the other one, sandwiching the rod between them.

Step 5: Have fun at your Halloween party!

Halloween pumpkin mask project by Sania Pell - Photo by Julia Bostock

You can read the original post and more about Marie-Chantal over on the Marie-Chantal blog.

My children are already getting excited about dressing up and going trick or treating. It’s time to stock up on sweets I think.

Have fun!

Photos: Julia Bostock


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  1. Ananasa says:

    That is the cutest and most awesome idea! So simple and so unique, we absolutely love this DIY, thank you for your creativity. Home For Handmade

  2. Bell Unger says:

    Hi! I love these artist blogs. This totally makes me feel better thanks so much

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