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June 22, 2011  in diy craft projects, vintage finds

I feel the need for some colour at the moment so my vintage cutlery received the fluro treatment! There is a bit of a trend for painted and coloured cutlery I’ve been noticing and I have taken it in my own way by simply spray painting some of the handles.

Fluro cutlery by Sania Pell - neon, ombré, spray painted flatware ©2011

I picked up this old silver-plated cutlery at my local car boot sale for 50 pence each which is such a bargain. I love the fact it is all mismatched designs and styles, it gives it character and makes things more interesting. I gave them all a good clean and then took them into the garden, put down some newspaper and blasted the handles with the bright pink and orange spray paint I had in my paint collection.

This spray paint will scratch off but I don’t mind, the patina will add character. To reduce scratching I would use enamel paint or even just dip the handles into pots of different coloured paint.

Or I can scrub it off and repaint them another colour, perhaps to match the theme of a table setting in a shoot. Just a frivolous bit of fluro fun!

Update: It seems this picture has popped up around the web without me knowing, much to my surprise, especially on Pinterest. So just to elaborate on my comments below, I didn’t do this to my everyday cutlery that we eat with, this is old cutlery that I use as props for photos. Plasti-kote say that their Fast Dry Enamel , which comes in lots of colours, is completely non-toxic when dry and contains no ingredients that would be harmful to children or pets – but solvent-based spray paint can be harmful if ingested and you should always check the smallprint on any paint you use, follow the maker’s instructions and use common sense. If in doubt ask an expert at your local paint store.

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  1. Joon says:

    This is awesome! I love it.

    Your creation is fabulous & charming and I love your book. I bought it for my birthday last year. I like everything in it. It was actually inspired me so much that I decided to started on my own business on Etsy. I can’t wait for the second one.

    Joon xx

  2. Megan says:

    such hot pink fun: love this trend of the dipped handles! Initially I was like “you did what to that vintage silver cutlery!?” but then you revealed what a bargain it was at 50p each…well it’s not granny’s silver then, after all!

  3. I love the simple idea that You share. IT can spark new mood at dining table instantly. But I just wondering is that ok to use any spary paint for hygiene purposes?

    • Sania Pell says:

      I know what you mean Fenny. I only sprayed the handles and was careful not to get paint on the parts you would eat with but these aren’t my ‘everyday’ cutlery, they’re just props (I don’t think it would be practical for real use) but just for a bit of fun for photos.

  4. Heleen Miller says:

    You are a genius! I love it!

  5. Thank you for the tips Sania. I got what you mean, I will try it my own 🙂

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  7. Cat says:

    You should be very careful because it is likely dangerous to ingest the chipping paint that WILL get into your food.

  8. This is fab, I love the contrast between old and new, the dulled silver and the florescent brights. Why haven’t any of the cutlery manufacturers thought of doing this, it’s so simple.

  9. Trissta says:

    Hi! OMG this is absolutely wonderful! I found you through pinterest and I must say this is absolutely wonderful!

    Much Love,

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  14. Eclectic A says:

    This is so creative! I’m adding it to my DIY list – in fact I’ll put it at the top. Thanks for sharing!

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  17. verkstaden says:

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  18. Beautiful! Hope you don’t mind, we’ve put a link to this on our blog today –
    Carla 🙂

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  20. just repinned this on pinterest but i changed the link source to end up back here to you! love this. a lot.

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  33. Chieko Ahalt says:

    WONDERFUL Post. Thanks for share. More wait .. …

  34. rochambeau says:

    LOVE what you did! So cool!!

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  37. natalie says:

    i saw this on the Novogratz page on FB and i added it to my instagram and got so many replies and now i’ve gone back and some sweet soul has added your blog! too excited to try this!! thank you. looking forward to seeing all of your other projects. 🙂

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  41. Mineko says:

    I totally see it as you are 🙂

  42. Rilane says:

    Wow. Handles lookin really well 🙂 Very interesting idea

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  44. Emily says:

    I LOVE this idea. I want to paint the silverware and then frame it as gifts for family. I’m nervous the silverware will tarnish through the paint though. Any tips as to whether or not it was show through? Or on how to prevent the tarnish?

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