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July 19, 2011  in diy craft projects, flowers

This is a very simple idea that can transform a simple vase into something unique and individual to you and your home. The great thing is it isn’t permanent and you can change it to suit your room and decor as you wish.

First step is to raid your fabric box. You could choose similar tones as I have here, or mix them up and go a little bonkers with your fabric choices with patterns and bright colours to match your flower arrangements. If you have any fabric leftovers from other projects then that can work well, matching your vase to a cushion in your lounge or a throw on your bed for instance. All the fabrics I used here are leftovers from other projects so match things I have all around the house which makes the vases versatile.

I then raided my kitchen cupboards and chose a variety of sizes of vase and I also used ordinary column drinking glasses which are perfect too. It works best if they have an even column or rectangular shape as they are easier to wrap (shaped or conical vases are trickier). They are all simple, classic glass vases that I have bought over the years from places like Ikea, Habitat and Sainsbury’s.

To wrap them, measure the height and circumference of your vase. I use a fabric tape measure for this, wrapping it around the vase or glass and adding 10mm – 20mm for the overlap. This will give you the dimensions you need to cut out a rectangular piece of fabric that will wrap around with a little bit of an overlap to help fix it on.

Place some double-sided sticky tape along each short edge of the fabric. Peel off the backing of one strip and stick this to the glass, then wrap the fabric around and stick the other end down back on to the fabric where it was first fixed.

If you like, wrap some string or ribbon around the middle and your new look vase is complete, just add water and flowers!

It works for all sizes of vase – as long as you have enough fabric!

I wrapped string around this one in a similar way to the candle gift idea I posted a couple of months ago.

All of the flowers and leaves in the photos above are just picked from my garden but you could easily choose a fabric to go with a wonderful bouquet of fresh flowers.

You have to be a little careful when filling and emptying the vases not to get the fabric too wet or get dirty flower water down them, but mine have remained really quite clean. If this does happen you can easily peel the fabric off and wash it or try a different fabric for a new look. The sticky residue from the tape can usually be scrubbed off with soapy water but if it won’t budge then a turps-based solvent or white spirit can help remove it if you want to return it to its original look.

It works for large vases too and can be a great way to hide unsightly stems.

A quick and simple idea that allows you to match your vases to your decor and that costs next to nothing!

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  1. Rebecca says:

    For some reason I have only just discovered your site, so many gorgeous images and inspiration. I am a fellow Liberty fan, I work almost only with Liberty fabrics and linen.

  2. Jillian says:

    Love this idea. I’m a sucker for texture, so this is right up my alley. And, it’s such a great way to transform the boring glass vases that come with flower arrangements.

  3. elisa says:

    very sweet, would be especially good on those bottles i’ve collected that have labels that never seem to quite go. my little ones are constantly bringing in wildflowers so i never have enough vases! when i’m visiting my mother i like to steal a philodendron leaf to wrap round the inside of a vase, also so beautiful and simple. x

  4. sue says: lovely. Is there anything prettier than simple linen and flowers…. simply pretty ~ !

  5. Love this idea and your photos are stunning. Just got my fingers on your German book and think it’s soo inspiring. Thanks for all these wonderful ideas and projects. Tesca

  6. such a great idea and execution!
    the delicate flowers are beautiful, too.


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