colours of my summer – part #3

August 26, 2012  in inspiring places

Croatia Colour by Sania Pell

Whilst wandering about and exploring with my camera, I ventured down to the harbour walls and jetties in our village, the neighbouring village and the old port of the medieval walled city of Zadar on the mainland opposite. They are areas just off the beaten track, industrial in feeling, and close to but tucked away from all of the beautiful traditional buildings and pretty boats that are the obvious tourist lures.

urban croatia by sania pell

urban croatia by sania pell

croatian colour by Sania Pell

In these hidden places fishermen make shade to untangle their nets or unload their crates, leaving them on the side overnight. Shapes and colours everywhere that made me think of abstract artworks or the pattern of fabric. Walking around a corner one day I discovered a ram skull and tuna heads and tails tied to posts, mismatched old chairs and painted benches grouped together, and industrial doors with warning signs and beer labels stuck to the wall – a little spot where the fishermen must unwind after a night’s work. All of this was unexpected and felt like I had discovered a secret.

croatian colour by Sania Pell

croatian colour by Sania Pell

Brightly coloured brush marks on old doors and walls, made over years by boat painters wiping out the remains of paint from their brushes, and sprayed graffiti with a flower growing next to it, as interesting and beautiful to me as the traditional tourist sights. A sprayed cross on the wall, a red circle painted primitively as a warning sign, graphic and expressive. Painted hoardings and temporary structures creating geometric patterns like modern art.

croatian colour by Sania Pell

croatian signs by Sania Pell

Croatian fishing crates by Sania Pell

geometric croatia by Sania Pell

geometric croatia by Sania Pell

fluro croatia by Sania Pell

fluro croatia by Sania Pell

By one harbour wall, at the end of the path, an ancient fire truck had been hand sprayed fluorescent orange with aerosol cans. In the glaring sun it had faded over time, revealing the lines of spray and turning the truck into a three dimensional canvas.

To me these little vignettes are like accidental artworks made by workers, unknowingly decorating their environments in an ever-changing manner.

If you look hard enough you can see art and beauty almost anywhere.


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  1. Samira says:

    Nice neighbourhood for some inspiration, I like the colors!

    Have a nice week!

  2. Igor says:

    I always do the same, Sania! I snap pics randomly of things other think are irrelevant – turns out there is always an inspiring colour story to tell after all:-) Lovely pics!

  3. Jo S says:

    I love your way of seeing things! Thanx for sharing your photos. Jo xox

  4. allesistgut says:

    Amazing photos. I like every single one. 🙂

  5. Inge says:

    You have such a keen eye for taking pictures! Amazing… Love every single one you posted here.

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