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November 28, 2012  in news

Madame Figaro magazine from Japan

I had the pleasure of having photographer Akemi Kurosaka and writer Miyuki Sakamoto from Madame Figaro magazine in Japan pop over one day a couple of months ago to interview me and photograph the house. Along with another team they were photographing homes in London and Paris for this special issue.

Madame Figaro magazine from Japan featuring Sania Pell's London home

It was a pleasure having them here and as always, it is interesting to see what they pick up and photograph in the house. This time my collection of rulers were spotted along my studio window sill and different views of the rooms were shot. And although I can’t understand any of the writing (I will ask a Japanese-speaking friend to translate!) it is really interesting seeing another country’s visual view on fashion, food (sushi is one of my favourites) and the photographic style and illustrations.

Madame Figaro magazine from Japan featuring Sania Pell's London home

Madame Figaro is a high-circulation Japanese glossy lifestyle magazine with sections on fashion, interiors and food. It’s an international edition of the French Madame Figaro magazine.

I love to look at foreign magazines and buy them whenever I’m abroad and I came back with a copy of this magazine several years ago when I visited Japan for work. So it was with joy that I opened the package that fell through the letter box with a copy enclosed featuring my home and I.

It just reminds me I would love to visit Japan again soon, I’ll have to start saving my pennies.


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  1. tina says:

    Fab Fab Fab and totally jealous!!! Want my pad to be featured in a Japanese Magazine;)
    Looks amazing… hope to see you before Xmas x

  2. Of course I’m not surprised! Your house was always going to be fantastic and I totally love it x

  3. Well done Sania! Love the way you styled these shots too : )

  4. elisa says:

    fascinating to see the japanese sensibility and your space together! my work was in a japanese marie-claire once and i was so delighted when a friend brought me a copy. prized. x elisa

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