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October 15, 2012  in flowers, interior styling

Sania Pell styling for Waitrose, photo by Karen Thomas

As a flower and plant lover, it was a joy to be asked by Waitrose earlier this year to work with talented photographer Karen Thomas and style the photographs for their Autumn flowers and plants range . My brief was to create the environment for the flowers and plants to sit in with an autumnal feel, rich and moody and deep in colour. Other shots were for arrangements that are available all year round, so needed to look brighter and less seasonal.

Sania Pell styling for Waitrose flowers, photos by Karen Thomas

Sania Pell styling for Waitrose, photo by Karen Thomas

The floral arrangements and plants are the products, designed by the Waitrose team and available to order for delivery online and by phone. All of the plants come in their own containers and many of the flower arrangements are sold in clear vases, boxes, bags or jugs. I sourced vessels and vases for the arrangements that don’t come in a container to display them in the shots.

On a Waitrose floral photo shoot - Sania Pell

Sania Pell styling for Waitrose, photo by Karen Thomas

On a Waitrose floral photo shoot - Sania Pell

I took the little images above on my phone whilst we were shooting. They show a few behind-the-scenes shots of table set ups ready to be photographed, props ready to be styled, large quantities of the flowers placed along a wall of the location house and my spotty shoes next to a huge bucket of roses.

Sania Pell styling for Waitrose, photos by Karen Thomas

Sania Pell styling for Waitrose, photo by Karen Thomas

You can see all of the images we shot with the Waitrose team for the Autumn floral range as well as the plants which are now available to order on the Waitrose Direct website. Amazingly Waitrose’s history goes right back to 1904 when a small grocery shop – Waite, Rose & Taylor – opened in west London, not too far from where I now live! It became part of the John Lewis Retail Group in 1937 and is now one of the UK’s leading retailers.  More of Karen’s photographic work can be seen over on her portfolio website.

Main images by Karen Thomas, courtesy of Waitrose.


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  1. Goodness! I can’t think of anything nicer than working with all that colour and beauty all day. How absolutely lovely!

  2. Heather B says:

    Sania, you have a wonderful eye! So beautiful! I love the juxtaposition of the bright colored flowers with the moody grays. I never would have thought to have done that! Fantastic!

  3. Gorgeous as per usual Sania – so lucky to be working with flowers!

  4. Jodie says:

    I had no idea Waitrose had such beautiful flower arrangements! You make a perfect team with them.

  5. Jan Chew says:

    Just lovely – perfect for anyone’s home or a gift – what a wonderful job you have

  6. Emma says:

    The flowers are beautiful, but I particularly like the ceramic teapot featured with the orange and pink orchids! (Tis my potter’s prerogative…) Could you let me know where it’s from?

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