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two little birds

January 21, 2013  in handmade goodness

handmade robin by Abigail Brown - Photo by Sania Pell

A belated Happy New Year, I hope you have had a good start to 2013?  It’s been a slow start getting back to my blog since a very busy Christmas and new year with lots going on, some great and some not so great which I must admit has made it hard to get started again. The new working year has begun with a bang, I worked on a really enjoyable food shoot last week with a wonderful team and alongside this I have been putting together a large interiors story for a magazine that we will be shooting on location soon. I was also interviewed by Making magazine for a future issue so keep your eye out.

handmade robin by Abigail Brown - Photo by Sania Pell

handmade blue tit bird by Abigail Brown - Photo by Sania Pell

I adore these two little birds, handmade by Abigail Brown, that my children received as gifts this Christmas. My daughter has the robin and my son the blue tit and they were delighted when they unwrapped them, big smiles on their faces and they sit very proudly in their bedrooms. These little birds are two of the varieties that visit our small London garden and we watch through the kitchen doors, the robins nesting in our hedge and the blue tits flitting in the branches of a silver birch. I photographed this one sitting in a handmade nest by Holy Smoke that I bought one year at the Selvedge fair.

handmade blue tit by Abigail Brown - Photo by Sania Pell

handmade birds by Abigail Brown - Photo by Sania Pell

They are beautifully handmade by Abigail in her London studio and have their own little personalities. No two birds are quite the same. They will be kept and treasured and hopefully become family heirlooms, given to future children.

You can see more of Abigail’s lovely work on her website.


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